The Life and Contributions of Albert Murray, Writer and Social Critic

Screen shot 2013-08-23 at 5.46.57 PMIn a recent, well-deserved front-page obituary, the New York Times described the life and contributions of Albert Murray, a major writer, cultural and social figure, who died at 97. In the Times article, Mel Watkins writes, “Albert Murray, an essayist, critic and novelist who influenced the national discussion about race by challenging black separatism, insisting that the black experience was essential to American culture and inextricably tied to it, died on Sunday at his home in Harlem. He was 97.”

And, “As blacks fought in the streets for civil rights, black integrationists and black nationalists dueled in the academy and in books and essays. And Mr. Murray was in the middle of the debate, along with writers and artists including James Baldwin, Richard Wright, Romare Bearden and his good friend Ralph Ellison.”

Younger people may be unfamiliar with Murray’s writings and contributions, so it was good to see the Times give prominent coverage to his passing. Click here for the complete article.